Silky smooth, melt in the mouth flavours that leave your taste buds tingling and you craving more. 


That's Bella's Way. 

We pride ourselves on creating bold, zesty and tantalizing flavours,

ranging from our classic best-seller Salted Caramel to Strawberry Fluff.

Zoe Gildersleve


To die for fudge and one of the best. Creative flavours and mixes which makes them really original. My favourites so far have to be the chocolate orange and millionaire shortbread 10/10

Scott McCutcheon


Bella’s Fudgery, simply the most mouth-watering, flavoursome, succulent fudge that the world has to offer. I've tasted many many variations of fudge in my time but nothing comes close to the phenomenal taste sensation of Bella’s Fudgery !

I just always want more!!!

Syeda Rabya

(Milton Keynes)

The Chocolate fudge is to die for, so many flavours are available. It's always fresh. Creamy and melt in the mouth!

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