At bellA'S fudgery we understand how impactful dietary requirements can be, whether for religious/personal reasons or due to allergies and intolerances. 
In order to ensure the highest quality standards and prevent cross-contamination, all equipment is cleaned between fudge bATCHES USING DIFFERENT INGREDIENTS. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination, BUT we can NOT PREVENT IT ENTIRELY due to the manufacturing process. we do not advise consuming bella's fudge in cases of allergic reactions for safety.

IN ACCORDANCE WITH eu food trading standards for consumers regulations, All posted fudge is labelled with our ingredients with known allergens highlighted, in the form of a leaflet and QR code. any fudge sold at one of our events will be from display and is not legally required to contain such labelling.

there are some general rules that can be applied to our fudges however, as our ingredients can change from time to time, we stress the importance of reading the ingredients list of the fudge you wish to purchase.

For any limited edition/special, please contact us directly for ingredients.