Mixed Box MEGA

Mixed Box MEGA


Chose from either 12 or 15 bars (100g) of fresh cream and butter fudge. Covering the classics and the deluxe range, you will receive a chocolate, plain, fruity and caramel and dark chocolate mix, if available. 


This is the best choice for those struggling to pick. If you have seen any flavours on the website you would specifically like included, please include in the notes (Max 6 choices)


    • All fudges contains MILK.
    • There is SOYA LECITHIN in any Chocolate Fudges.
    • There are TREE NUTS in any nut fudge.
    • There are PEANUTS in any peanut butter fudges.
    • There is GLUTEN in any fudge containing cookies/biscuits.
    • There are EGG products in any fudge containing meringues and marshmallows.
    • There are SULPHITES in any fudge containing Cherries / Fruit Mix.
    • There are meat based products used in any fudge containing Marshmallows.
    • There is a risk of cross containmination of any of the above allergens in all fudges that have been or are on display.
    • If you have an allergy or intollerance, our advice is not to consume any fudge made or sold by Bella's Fudgery.
    • Some fudges are Vegetarian and Gluten Free. If in doubt, Ask.

    Ingredients will vary on batch to batch. Each bar will be individually labelled with ingredients. For Specifics, please head on over to the Allergens List where you will find the ingredients for each bar listed


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