How long does it last?

For most customers, its eaten the same day, mainly due to its superb flavours and irresistible texture.

However, with most fudges, due to the sugar acting as a preservative, fudge can last for quite a lengthly time. We recommendstoring your fudge at room temperature, tightly wrapped in a plastic (Like clingfilm or our counter wrap) /or similar material to prevent it being exposed to air. This process will give your fudge up to a 6 month shelf life. However, some fudges may expire before this if they contain extra ingredients, such as Cherries or Strawberries. Do not put the fudge in the refrigerator as this will change the taste and texture of the fudge. The fudge will harden and soften through the year depending on the humidity, however will still be completely edible. If you did want chilled fudge, try not to leave it in the fridge for more than a few hours and never repeat the cycle. Once its been in the fridge, its best to eat it or throw it away to prevent bacteria.

Can you melt fudge?

Yes! although we recommend that if you do have a multi layered fudge, such as banoffee pie, it may not come out as good as it went in but yes, fudge can be melted in the microwave, on short 20 second blasts on 75% power (to prevent burning to fudge). Ensure the fudge is mixed thorough to prevent hot spots, but once completed, you can drizzle it over anything you can think of. 

Is it Vegetarian/ Vegan?

Some of our fudges are vegetarian, however at this time, we have not mastered our Vegan mix. 

A full list of ingredients can be found on our Allergen List, detailing what wonderful ingredients go into all of our flavours. 

Do you cater for Allergies / Intolerance?

Yes. We cater for all 14 main allergies with the exception of Dairy/Lactose.

All of our fudges contain dairy. 

We are in the process of trialling our Vegan fudge, which we hope will be based around coconut milk and protein powder, which will also be dairy free, so watch this space. 

At the moment we do not have a specific diabetic range.

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